Regardless of the industry, projects must include careful integration of commissioning, qualification, and validation (CQV/PV) efforts.  These must be closely coordinated due to the complexity of financial, operational and quality deliverables. AM Life Science has a proven track record for providing project management to Life Science companies undergoing new builds, retrofits, and (compliance) remediation projects.

For us, project management is more than managing and completing all aspects of CQV.  It is inclusive of meeting sometimes conflicting objectives of cost, quality and schedule. AM Life Science fully adopts the owner-advocate model where we protect your interest first, we utilize LEAN principles to deliver high value productivity, and we know how to meet all FDA requirements. We have a network of valuable resources and relationships to reduce procurement costs, and ensure timely completion.

Our project management services include:

  • Owner-advocate consultation to ensure meeting your cost, quality and schedule objectives
  • Pre-project planning through closeout inclusive of turn-over packages for efficient execution
  • Comprehensive CQV forward planning to proactively reduce future risks and avoid cost overruns
  • Integrated CQV project delivery to ensure time to market

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